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While this blog is intended for “older moms,” I won’t be checking for gray hairs or calculating the difference between your age and that of your youngest child. And the things I’ll be writing about here at 50ish with a Full Nest will (hopefully!) be relevant to everyone from Baby Boomers to Millenials.

With that said, there are a zillion “mom” blogs out there, and it would be tough to make the case that there’s a real need for a new one. But a lot of those blogs leave out older moms like me — and a lot of you, too, I bet. Because we don’t fall into the typical mold of a young mom with kids at home — the proverbial full nest.


50ish With a Full Nest is custom-made for you if…


So while everyone is welcome here, I did have a target audience of older moms in mind. So 50ish with a Full Nest might be tailor-made for you if:


older moms


Seriously, though, everybody is welcome, regardless of age or different parenting styles. And so is your feedback, if you disagree with something I write (or if you love it, which is even better!). If you’re 20-, 30-, or 40-something and have always wanted to crawl inside the head of that “older mom” who seems to be a different species, this is your chance to explore why we may have different parenting styles.


The good stuff: What older moms really talk, laugh, and cry about


So no matter how old you or your children are, please visit the nest to learn, teach, share, laugh, cry, and even disagree. I’ll be tackling everything from parenting strategies to the trauma of getting old to what’s going on in the rest of the world. And if you younger moms ever feel like the rest of us are poking gentle fun at you…well, you may be right. But I promise there’s no ill will. And you’re welcome to come right back at us with comments about our creaky joints…or the unfortunate things that happen when we laugh or sneeze.

I’m going to try to post regularly, but just in case my eyes won’t cooperate and I have to play the older mom card, sign up below to get an email when I post something new.


Patti Podnar

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